Solidification Technology

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Cut costs, reduce lead times and improve product quality with BOOSE

BOOSE is known by its longstanding customers for integrity and dedication to making quality aluminum sand castings. Today, thanks to a solidification program called SolidCast, we can offer our customers even better results with reduced costs and shorter lead times.

The SolidCast software allows us to digitally visualize how metal will fill a mold cavity and solidify so potential problematic areas can be addressed before making your first casting. When a customer provides us with a 3D model, our engineers will digitally design a gating system for the model and then let SolidCast simulate how the metal will flow and identify any possible concerns that could affect casting quality. As a result of this pre-planned gating design, the lead time to provide samples is decreased by 3 to 4 days on average.

SolidCast can also be used during the tooling design stage to achieve the best castable product. Both the tooling and the casting are designed with a higher degree of accuracy with the use of the solidification technology.

For four generations, BOOSE has been a leader in the aluminum sand casting industry. As our industry embraces the use of technology to drive down costs and boost product quality, trust BOOSE to take the initiative to implement these new technologies and use them to their greatest potential.