BAF Capabilities

Aluminum Sand Casting Manufacturing Capabilities

Dependable. Long-lasting. Reliable. These are the properties associated with a BOOSE aluminum sand casting. For quality aluminum castings, choose the industry’s most reliable partner: BOOSE Aluminum Foundry. No matter the size of your project or the industry you serve, BOOSE is the best choice for manufacturers who want it done right the first time.

Aluminum Casting Capabilities

1/2 ounce to 2000+ pounds. One-piece orders to high-quantity runs.

Aluminum Alloys

A206, 319, C355, 356 & A356.

We purchase only certified ingots. These main alloys are poured, but special alloys
can be used upon agreement. See our aluminum alloy Safety Data Sheets here.

Pattern Shop

BOOSE offers complete in-house pattern capabilities.

Our experienced pattern shop works with you
through the tooling stage and seamlessly into production.

Core Making Department


Video Tour: Core Department

Shalco U360

Shalco U180

Dependable 100

Cold Box

Gaylord Vertical

Gaylord Horizontal

No Bake Core

Molding Equipment

40 x 40 Sinto Cope & Drag with Automatic Pouring
Video Tour

Manual Molding: Rotolifts & Squeezers
Video Tour

No Bake Floor Molding
Video Tour

Melting and Pouring

Striko MH II – T 200/1000
Stack Furnace

Striko LP1200
Electric Pouring Ladle

Foseco Flux Injection/Degassing

Rimrock/ABB Robotic Pouring

Surface Finishing

Turbotecnica 20025 Spinner Blast Featuring S.S. ES300 Shot
Pangborn GN Barrel Tumble Blast Featuring S-170 Shot
Hand Blast 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide
TD377A Spinner Hanger Blast System 

Certified Aluminum Casting Heat Treating

2 Premier Furnaces R-1088 with heated quench
1 G.E. Furnace with heated quench
1 Aging Oven