Frequently Asked Questions

  • What alloys do you pour?
    A206, 319, C355, 356 & A356. These main alloys are poured, but special alloys can be used upon arrangement.
  • Do you have any size limitations?
    We can manufacture castings from several ounces to over 2,000 pounds with lengths approaching 10 feet.
  • What types of patterns and core box tooling can you use?
    We can utilize most existing pattern tooling. Materials include aluminum, renboard, wood and cast iron.
  • If new tooling is required, what is your normal lead time?
    Typical lead time is 4-6 weeks.
  • When can I expect to receive samples?
    Typically 3-4 weeks after receipt of pattern tooling.
  • What are your usual production lead times?
    4-8 weeks depending on the molding center.
  • What is the turnaround time on a request for a quote?
    Normally 7-10 days. To submit a quotation now, click here.
  • What processes do you use to manufacture castings?
    Green sand for automatic, squeezer and roto-lift molding and no bake/air set.
  • Do you provide any in house nondestructive services?
    Yes, we provide heat treat, chemical and physical analysis, liquid penetrant inspection, x-ray (film & digital), and Brinell hardness testing.
  • Can you provide secondary services such as machining, plating, paint, or powder coating?
    We only provide high quality aluminum sand castings. These types of services are available through one of our local partners.
  • What types of 3D files do you accept?
    We can use most files including SOLIDWORKS (sldprt), IGES (igs), and STEP (stp).
  • What surface finishes can I expect from a sand casting?
    Typical surface finishes are 250 to 500 microns per Aluminum Association Standards (AA-CS-E18-92).
  • Why should I buy from Boose?
    Because you require aluminum sand castings that are high quality, on time and competitively priced.

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