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Green Sand Molding: for Proven, Affordable, Renewable Castings

Manual green sand molding was the foundation of our operation when we began in 1933. This process is still in use today as it offers our customers low tooling costs coupled with economical casting prices. We have numerous flask sizes, so if you have existing tooling, odds are we have the capability to use it.

BAF also operates a 20 X 24 automatic molding machine to meet your high-production demands.

Manufacturing Equipment: 20 X 24 Hunter Automatic / Manual Squeezer & Rotolift

Boose Aluminum’s Sand Molding Process

To turn that sand mixture into a casting, we place the pattern on the first half of a two-part frame, or flask. Then we place the second part of the flask on top of the pattern. The operator fills the top half of the flask with sand, packs it, and strikes off the excess.

We flip the flask and fill the other side with sand. A column, or sprue, is cut into the sand. This will serve as the entryway when we pour molten metal into the casting.

The operator lifts off the mold, removes the pattern, inserts cores if necessary, and brings the two mold halves back together. The internal void that remains will be filled with molten aluminum resulting in a raw casting.

After pouring of the molds and test bars, we knock out any cores and the casting moves to the finishing department.

From the Very Start, Quality Matters at Boose

We start with the highest quality sand to create moldings that will create the highest quality aluminum castings.

Our sand mixture is tested throughout the day to ensure optimal molding conditions—because we know that what we cast matters.

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