The Pattern Shop: Where Aluminum Products Start to Take Shape

Whether you have current tooling or need to have tooling crafted for your project, our Pattern Shop is here to help. The in-house Pattern Shop at BAF is staffed with experienced patternmakers who rig and gate both newly constructed tooling from our affiliated pattern shops and existing customer supplied tooling.

Our Pattern Shop works first-hand with our Product Development Department to assure that each pattern is built not only within the specifications of the drawing measurements but to ensure castability.

What Happens in the Pattern Shop at Boose Aluminum?

After our product development department supplies the pattern shop with design specs, our in-house pattern makers build the paths through which molten metal will flow and mounts that to the pattern. This is known as the gating system.

Our pattern shop services all customer tooling for both our molding and core departments. This allows flexibility for timely adjustments, changes to letters and numbers, and minor repairs that may arise during production.

Our pattern shop personnel are also responsible for the safe storage and exact identification of all tooling housed at our foundry.

The Patterns we Make at Boose Aluminum Foundry Matter

When it comes to creating the highest-quality castings, precision is essential. In order to achieve that accuracy, we have developed long-term working relationships with many excellent outside pattern shops that have access to CNC machines, 3D modeling, and other pattern-making resources.

The attention to detail employed by our pattern shop—and the ones we work with—results in aluminum castings that exceed all expectations. Because at our aluminum foundry, what we cast matters.

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