Product Development: Because Excellence is Your Chief Concern

The Product Development Department at BAF supports manufacturing by engineering tooling for optimal results and developing process controls for each stage of production. 

Join us to learn more about how our product development team ensures your aluminum castings will meet or exceed all your expectations.

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What Happens in Product Development at Boose Aluminum?

Our Product Development team works with you, our customer, to produce castings according to your design. We work with the foundry to refine every process.

It all starts with solidification software. Before we melt a single ingot, we want to know how the molten metal will flow into the mold. This allows our engineers to develop a gating system that will produce castings consistently without defects, with the added benefit of reduced time to production.

Process control and documentation are maintained throughout the entire casting process, with attention to detail at the heart of the product development department.

What we Cast at Boose Aluminum Foundry Matters

We want nothing more than to make sure that our customers receive exactly what they expect—with customer service that surpasses their expectations.

That’s what we’re doing in the product development department, and we invite you to experience it for yourself.

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