What BAF’s Capabilities do for You

From ½ ounce to 800 pounds*, low-production runs to high-quantity orders, our aluminum casting foundry has the capabilities to take your aluminum casting needs from tooling to casting.

Capabilities of Boose Alumnum showcase product

Molding Equipment/Process:

  • No-Bake/Air-Set Floor Molding
  • Green Sand Squeezer & Rotolift
  • 20 X 24 Hunter Automatic Molding

Core Equipment/Processes:

  • Shell Core
  • Cold Box Core
  • No-Bake Core

In-House Services:

  • X-Ray – Digital Radiography
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • Brinell Hardness Test
  • Solidification Modeling
  • First Article Inspection: 3D Scanned & Traditional Layout
  • Heat Treat – T4, T5, T6, T7, T51, T71, T77
  • Tensile Testing / Test Bars
  • Straightening
  • In-House Pattern Shop

Production Parameters:

  • Alloys Poured: 356/A356, SR319/319, A206, C355
  • Specifications: Aluminum Association Commercial Castings, ASTM B26/B26M, or MIL-A-21180D Class D or C
  • Tolerances: per Aluminum Association Standards
  • Standard Surface Finish: 250/500 RMS
  • Minimum Sand Cast Walls: 0.18” +/- 0.03”
  • *Maximum Production Casting Weight: 800 pounds; for heavier casting requirements, call to inquire

Engineering, Design, & Product Development 

Product Development is the resource needed to prepare your project for production – from obtaining precise tooling to developing specific manufacturing processes.

Pattern Shop

The best tooling and processes lead to sound casting and high-quality aluminum parts that are free from defects.

No-Bake Molding

Our largest castings come out of the no-bake molding department, in any shape, from 50 to 800 pounds.

Green Sand Molding

Since 1933, our aluminum foundry has used manual green sand molding for its low tooling cost and renewability.

Melt Department

We only pour using certified prime aluminum ingots. This ensures the highest quality products to our customers.

Core Department 

We make cores using cold-box, shell-core, and no-bake processes—and can also have cores created with 3D printing.

Heat Treat Department

One of our most requested services, the heat treat process increases alloys’ strength and dimensional stability.

Finishing Department

The finishing of large and small castings includes cutting, cleaning, grinding, and shot blasting.

Quality Control

Our quality control department is involved from the time materials are received…all the way through manufacturing and shipping.


  • Standard Packaging at no cost
  • Custom Skids and Special Packaging available at additional cost
  • Will ship via your preferred carrier
Global transportation industry

Let our Capabilities be Your Strengths

Dependable, proven, and reliable.  These are just a few words to describe the range of operations at our aluminum sand casting foundry.  Because we do it all in-house, you can trust that your design will get our full attention from molding the whole way through shipping.

Experience the difference BAF’s capabilities can make in your operation.  Let’s talk about how we can help today!

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