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Thermal Sand Reclamation: A Green Initiative at Boose Aluminum

Our aluminum foundry uses two different sand-casting methods: green sand and chemically bonded sand.

We bond green sand with clay, water, and pressure, which allows for easy breakdown so it can be used over and over again. Chemically bonded sand, like the kind used in our no-bake operation, is set using what was once an irreversible process—until we introduced thermal sand reclamation.

Innovations in Sand Reclamation

Until 1992, chemically bonded sand could not be reused at our aluminum foundry. All that changed when we installed a thermal sand reclamation unit to burn off the binder and make the sand recyclable.

This resulted in a number of positive environmental impacts:

  • Reduction of air and water pollution (less sand and binding dumped into landfills)
  • Conservation of our valuable natural resources (reduced need for new sand)

The thermal reclamation process begins when we break down sand lumps into grains in our rotary drum. Next, the sand is placed in the fluidized bed combustor, where it’s heated for the purpose of burning off the binder. Then it’s on to the cooler and classifier, where the sand particles are separated by size, dust and waste are eliminated, and only the correct-size sand is moved forward and put back into production.

Boose Aluminum’s Commitment to the Environment

Our aluminum sand casting foundry holds a strong commitment to our community and our environment. We strive to reduce waste at every stage of our operation because we know our environmental footprint matters.

  • Slag & Grinding Floor Sweepings are stored in drums and sent to a smelter to recover the aluminum. Drums that once held incoming raw materials are used for this purpose.
  • Cardboard & Office Paper are collected and recycled by a municipal hauler.
  • Skids & Waste Wood Products are transported to a local processor for use in mulch production.
  • Steel & Iron Scrap from our production operations and received shipments, along with other scrap metal pieces, are transported to a local recycler.
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