All About Boose Aluminum Foundry

Our aluminum casting foundry is a family-owned business that’s been in operation since 1933. We produce sand moldings and aluminum castings for a wide range of industries, and always strive to stand out with our high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

“I value the relationship that we have with Boose…that we can work together on things like this. They make me feel like a customer, not a number on a spreadsheet.”

Steve Eppler, James L. Howard & Co., Inc.

Our History

Since 1933, we have been providing customers with American-made aluminum sand castings.

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Our Team

Our customers experience exceptional quality and customer service, thanks to our team.

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What we do here matters, and we’re in search of the right people to accomplish that mission.

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Get to Know Boose Aluminum Foundry

We pride ourselves in the long-lasting relationships we foster with our customers. From design implementation to finishing, quality control, and shipping, our customers are at the heart of our operations.

“Just wanted to follow up on my visit to your plant yesterday. It was good to meet and tour your plant. You have a class act there and it is easy to see from the products you run your attention to detail is excellent.”

Bill Edmondson, Production Manager, Addex

Want to Know Even More About Boose Aluminum?

We value any opportunity to help people learn more about how our aluminum foundry works. We invite you to…

“I put you in a really tough spot, and you guys obviously hustled to turn this block around in such a short time. I’m so impressed with how quickly this was done, and how responsive everyone has been. You’ve honestly bailed me out of a tight jam, and I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks again!”

Pete Lessik, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., Hydrogen Energy Systems.

What we cast here at Boose Aluminum really does matter—and we think you’ll agree.

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