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Aluminum Casting Solidification Process

Cut costs, reduce lead times and improve product quality with BOOSE Aluminum

BOOSE Aluminum is known by its repeat customers for providing problem-free project starts with a 95% on-time delivery rate. And now, thanks to the addition of SolidCast 8.0, we can offer our customers even better results with reduced costs and shorter lead times.

At BOOSE Aluminum, SolidCast 8.0 is used to prevent problems before the project even begins. When customers and prospects provide us with their product designs, we use design gating before we even purchase tooling to see how the tool should be laid out, and where the problem areas might be. This allows us to provide the customer with accurate pricing and decrease lead times overall.

After we provide the quote, our collaborative project communication continues as we develop the gating and tooling. We provide pictures of the proposed gating as well as weekly progress reports.

Thanks to pre-planned gating, the lead time to provide project samples is decreased by 3 to 4 days on average. Compare our lead times to other aluminum casting foundries! Not only is our process more accurate, but time to market is faster as well.

And, thanks to the way in which SolidCast allows us to see – and help eliminate– any production problems, product accuracy improves as well. Both the tooling and the cast are designed with a higher degree of accuracy than without the use of SolidCast. BOOSE is able to provide its customers with a more accurate product and delivery dates.

For four generations, BOOSE has been at the forefront of aluminum casting best practices. As our industry embraces the use of technology to drive down costs and boost product quality, trust BOOSE to use technology to its greatest potential.

Aluminum casting solidification process analysis

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