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Pattern Shop with CNC Capabilities

Reduce lead times for your aluminum sand casting with Boose Aluminum

Quality aluminum castings at BOOSE Aluminum begin in the pattern shop. It is critical to the quality control process that the patterns used for molding are exact to ensure that the part will be dimensionally accurate. Many aluminum casting companies do not have a complete pattern shop on-site, which means customers must use multiple vendors and processes to have their part manufactured. The design must go to a pattern shop for machining before being sent to a foundry for casting.

BOOSE Aluminum’s goal is always to provide customers with the shortest lead times and the highest quality. To make this possible, BOOSE Aluminum has pattern capabilities in-house with multiple CNC machines. When these CNC machines are paired with highly-skilled technicians, customers get fast turnaround, responsive service, and quality parts from a single provider.

At BOOSE Aluminum, the customer is always the number-one priority. Thanks to the in-house capabilities, BOOSE Aluminum provides service and quality control from end to end. From the initial quote to the casting of your part, customers can count on first-rate castings within industry-leading production times.

Take advantage of our experience and technology to guide you through your tooling stage and seamlessly into production. Trust BOOSE Aluminum to use our resources to their greatest potential to ensure your satisfaction.

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Pattern Shop with CNC Capabilities


BOOSE Aluminum Pattern Shop

Pattern Shop CNC Machine

BOOSE Aluminum Foundry Pattern Shop

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