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APRIL 2016

BOOSE proudly announces our recent ISO 9001:2008 certification. Both BOOSE Aluminum Foundry in Reamstown, PA and BOOSE at Cornwall, Inc. in Lebanon, PA received this certificate of approval in April 2016.

ISO 9001:2008 is an international quality management system standard recognized by 176 nations. This standard is given to select organizations that consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. This certification also shows that the organization aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of its quality management system, including developments for continual improvement of the systems in place. A third party must also confirm that the organization has met the ISO 9001 requirements.

BOOSE’s efforts to develop and maintain quality system management made this ISO 9001 approval possible. We look to the future with hopes of continually expanding our quality of service and customer base.


The BOOSE Lebanon facility converted the molding sand from crystalline silica to Green Diamond sand - Green Diamond is a brand name. Chemically, it is equivalent to olivine sand. The most beneficial characteristic of this material is that it has a very low thermal expansion rate compared to silica sand. As a result we have seen a dramatic improvement in the surface finish of our castings. Expansion defects on the surface of the castings has almost been eliminated 100%. Another huge advantage to using Green Diamond is the environmental benefits. Green Diamond is a by-product of nickel smelting. By using it as molding media, we are using a waste product from another process instead of stripping natural resources from the earth. It also provides a better work environment for our employees. Green Diamond is silica free. It is much more durable than silica. When silica sand breaks down, it releases crystalline particles into the air. Airborne silica is believed to cause a lung disease called silicosis. We are extremely pleased with the switch in materials. Green Diamond is a more environmentally friendly alternative, it is safer for our employees, and it allows us to produce a better product for our customers.


BOOSE places Foundry Managers at both facilities – Due to our endeavors for continuous improvement, BOOSE has placed Foundry Managers at both aluminum sand casting facilities. Steve Mahalak was hired as the Foundry Manager for the Reamstown Facility. Steve has over 27 years of experience in the industry and will be a valuable asset to not just BOOSE, but to our customers. Dan Griest, who has been with our organization since 2005, most recently as Molding Supervisor, has been promoted to the Foundry Manager at the Lebanon Facility.

MAY 2014

3D Printing for Patterns and Cores – BOOSE Aluminum has begun using 3D printing for patterns and cores. This process can dramatically reduce the time to produce an aluminum sand casting from order to finished piece, improving your turnaround time from weeks to days.


Aluminum Sand Casting Solidification Process – BOOSE Aluminum implements aluminum casting solidification process using SOLIDCast 8.0 to help customers cut costs, reduce lead times, and improve product quality. The user friendly software simulates casting with rich features, accounting for variables in sand, investment, and permanent mold castings. Solidification modeling helps to shorten lead times, produce higher quality and improve yield. All of this means lower costs, higher profits and improved marketability for our clients’ foundries


BOOSE Aluminum becomes fully owned by the 3rd generation of BOOSE family members.


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