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BOOSE History

BOOSE Aluminum Foundry | BOOSE At Cornwall


Oran Boose and his wife Kathryn started casting toys and trinkets beginning business as BOOSE Aluminum Foundry (BAF).


The demands of World War II prompted BAF to focus on producing high quality aluminum sand castings, earning the Navy "E" for Excellence award.


Demands set forth by the Korean conflict resulted in a major expansion, with the company adding a large core room and additional molding facilities.


BAF embarked on an extensive reorganization and expansion, including mechanizing its molding operation.


By 1977 the one time dream of founder Oran Boose became a reality with production of over 1,000,000 pounds of aluminum castings.


With the 1980s came the addition of an automatic molding department which could be run independently from the rest of the facility.


In 1992, came the installation of a thermal sand reclamation system.


On August 24, 2006, the BOOSE Family, owners of BOOSE Aluminum Foundry in Reamstown, PA, acquired Cornwall Aluminum Foundry and started operations as BOOSE At Cornwall, Co. retaining the manufacturing facility and its employees. The facility operated three automatic molding lines.


BOOSE at Cornwall installs a 3,000-lb Morgan tilt furnace. BAF installs a 40 square foot cope and drag HWS SINTO with robotic pouring.


BOOSE at Cornwall completes a renovation of the finishing room layout. The renovation included outfitting the entire operation in conveyor belts, with continuous flow the ultimate goal.


In 2013, ownership officially transferred exclusively to the 3rd generation of BOOSE family members. A 4th generation of BOOSE family members also work at the foundry.

2016 and Today

In April 2016, BAF and BAC both receive ISO 9001:2008 certification. This certification also shows that the organization aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of its quality management system.

BAF and BAC are still family owned and operated corporations today, proud of their past, and still exclusively producing quality aluminum sand castings.

BOOSE Aluminum Sand Casting

In 2013, a 3rd generation of BOOSE family members assumed full ownership of the foundry.

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