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Aluminum Sand Casting Process

Dependable. Long lasting. Reliable. The Boose Aluminum Way.

Product quality is one of your top concerns. You need to know that every step of the aluminum sand casting process is executed by an expert team with the latest technology and an eye toward perfection.

Choose Boose Aluminum for your aluminum sand casting needs. No matter the size of your project or the industry you serve, Boose Aluminum delivers quality aluminum sand castings every time.

For insight into the basic steps of our aluminum sand casting process, take a quick look at the steps we employ. To discuss the unique approach that the Boose team brings to every job and the industry-best customer service for which we are known, call us at 717-336-5581 or click here to request an appointment.

Basic Steps in Aluminum Sand Casting Process

A pattern is built from your print or model. The pattern is a positive shape of your part.

Aluminum Sand Casting Pattern    Aluminum Sand Casting Mold

A sand mold is made using your pattern. The sand mold is a negative.

If your part is a solid aluminum sand casting, the pattern is all that’s required. If your casting is hollow, a separate component called a core must be used. Cores are the shape of the inside of your part. A second tool component will be required, called a core box. Sand is put into the core box and cured to produce a core.

Aluminum Sand Casting Core   Aluminum Sand Casting Pour

The core is set into the mold before it is closed. Metal is poured into the mold traveling through a “gating” system and into the void left by the pattern and core.

After the metal solidifies the mold is “dumped.” Your aluminum sand castings still attached to the gating system are pulled from the sand.

The core is vibrated out of the aluminum sand casting and the casting is cut off of the gating.

The aluminum sand casting then needs ground. The gating contacts and any excess metal fins are removed from the casting leaving only the shape you required.

Aluminum Sand Casting Product

The castings are then blasted and inspected and made ready for shipment.





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