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BOOSE Aluminum White Papers & Videos

As a leading producer of aluminum sand castings, the product development team at BOOSE works to provide informational content with the goal of improving the quality and cost of industrial parts.

BOOSE has prepared helpful white papers, videos, and other resources that educate and inform new and existing customers about our capabilities and how, when applicable, choosing aluminum sand casting can yield significant advantages over alternative manufacturing processes.

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White Papers

Download our Prevent Defect, Impact Costs Benefits Infographic Prevent Defect, Impact Costs Benefits Sheet
Defects are costly. Preventing them is NOT beyond your control. Learn more about how choosing the right parts manufacturing process – in this case automated green sand molding – can help reduce the chance of defects and save on parts production. Download our resource.


Download our Automated Sand Molding Infographic Automated Sand Molding Benefits Infographic
Fully-automated green sand molding is a high-quality and economical way of producing large or complex parts in high volumes. Is this process an option for your? Download our infographic to learn more about how fully-automated sand molding can help achieve cost savings and improve quality.


Download Our High Production Cope & Drag White Paper High Production Cope and Drag White Paper
Automated cope and drag line casting can increase production through-put and reduce costs without compromising quality. The process is highly repeatable and eliminates shifts or mismatching issues, so parts are produced accurately from first to last. Download our white paper to learn if cope and drag line casting is right for your part.



BOOSE No Bake Sand Molding Capabilities

In addition to our automated green sand molding capabilities, BOOSE also has a state-of-the-art no bake molding operation. By using chemical binders, sand is molded around the cope and drag of the tooling an and hardens to form the mold. No bake molding provides high dimensional tolerances, tensile strength, and smooth surface finishes. This process is ideal for low to medium production volumes.

BOOSE Manufacturing Marvels® Spotlight

Learn about how aluminum sand casting is one of the most versatile and widely used methods of forming aluminum into parts in this video by Manufacturing Marvels®, a two-minute spotlight by Fox Business Network that profiles American manufacturers, their products, as well as the companies’ processes and customers.

State-of-the-art CNC Machining

BOOSE has recently added a new Haas VF 8/50 vertical machining center to our facility. Combined with the latest 3D modeling software, we can provide efficient and economical machining, remodeling, and polishing of large or complex parts. Watch our video to get a closer look.

Automated Cope and Drag Line

BOOSE Aluminum’s Reamstown foundry is home to the largest, non-ferrous automated cope and drag line in the United States. Check out our video to learn about our state-of-the-art cope and drag operation!

ISO 9001 Certification

BOOSE proudly announces that they have received ISO 9001:2008 certification. Both BOOSE Aluminum Foundry in Reamstown, PA and BOOSE at Cornwall, Inc. in Lebanon, PA received this certificate of approval in 2016.

Video Newsletter Introduction

BOOSE releases a monthly video newsletter, which includes company news, updates, and information about our capabilities and services. Watch this video or contact us to learn more!

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