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Aluminum Casting Quality Services

Through our Quality Management System, BOOSE incorporates quality control into every phase of the production process to ensure that your aluminum sand castings meet your exact specifications. Our commitment to quality control is your assurance of quality products.

Aluminum Casting Radiography:

Digital and Film Radiography; Maximum Thickness 5.5"
Specifications: MIL-STD-2175; MIL-STD-453; ASTM-E-155; Nasea-WS-13585, ASTM-E-1742

Metal Chemical & Physical Testing:

All metal heats are sampled verifying metal chemistry through spectrometry, as well as metal strength and elongation through tensile tests.
Specifications: ASTM-B26; MIL-A-21180D; AMS Specs; QQ-A-601F, Aluminum Association 2008

Liquid Penetrant Testing:

Fluorescent Dye Penetrant, Water Washable Type I, Method A, Level I Sensitivity
Specifications: MIL-STD-6866; ASTM-E-1417; MIL-STD-1907; MIL-I-25135

Complete Layout:

Layout equipment calibration in accordance with MIL-STD-45662

Sand Testing:

All molding sand systems are tested on a rigorous schedule.

Pressure Testing:

Helium and Air Pressure testing to ensure leak-proof parts.

Heat Treatment:

All alloys requiring heat treatment and quenching are handled in-house in our calibrated furnaces.
Specifications: ASTM-B917


Certified welders used for weld repair. Weld sketches are sent to customer for prior approval.
Specifications: MIL-STD-248; MIL-STD-271F; MIL-STD-278F; MIL-STD-2035

Medical Castings

Liquid Penetrant Testing at Aluminum Foundry

Pressure Testing at Aluminum Foundry

Aluminum Sand Casting Alloys Heat Treatment

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