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Aluminum Sand Casting Manufacturing Capabilities

Dependable. Long-lasting. Reliable. These are the properties associated with a BOOSE Aluminum sand casting.

For quality aluminum castings, choose the industry’s most reliable partner: BOOSE Aluminum. No matter the size of your project or the industry you serve, BOOSE is the best choice for manufacturers who want it done right the first time.

Aluminum Casting Capabilities:

1/2 ounce to 2000+ pounds on orders from one piece to thousands

Aluminum Alloys:

A356/356, SR319, 713, A206
We purchase only certified ingot. These main alloys are poured, but special alloys can be used upon request. See out aluminum alloy Safety Data Sheets here.

Aluminum Casting Pattern Shop:

BOOSE Aluminum offers complete in-house capabilities. Our experienced pattern shop works with you through the tooling stage and seamlessly into production.

3D Printing for Patterns and Cores:

Available from qualified outside sources.

Core Making

  • Shell
  • Cold Box
  • No-Bake

Molding (BOOSE Aluminum facility):

  • Squeezers
  • Rotolifts
  • Cope & Drag 40 x 40
  • No-Bake Floor

Molding (BOOSE at Cornwall facility):

  • 30 x 32 Hunter
  • 20 x 24 Sinto
  • 14 x 19 Hunter


Grain refining, modification, and rotary degassing are used in our melting operations to achieve the highest level of metal quality and mechanical properties prior to casting.

Surface Finishing:

Casting cleaning including shot blasting and sand blasting.


Available from qualified outside sources.

Aluminum Casting Heat Treating:

Certified Heat Treat & Quench

Electronic Files

BOOSE operates on the latest version of SolidWorks, which accepts most major electronic drawing and model submission formats.

We also offer Aluminum Casting Solidification Process to cut costs, reduce lead times and improve product quality. Using SolidCast 8.0 we can prevent problems before the project even begins.


Quality control is incorporated into every phase of the production process to ensure that your castings meet your exact specifications. Our commitment to quality control is your assurance of quality products.


BOOSE is committed to create and maintain a work environment that is safe for our employees and our community. It is our mission to minimize the impact of our manufacturing activities on the environment and the earth. BOOSE has implemented recycling and reuse programs to prevent pollution. All following materials are recycled at BOOSE: Molding sand through thermal reclamation, slag & grinding floor sweepings, waste refractory material, bag house dust, skids, steel/iron scrap, cardboard and office paper.

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