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BOOSE Aluminum Customer Testimonials

  August 10, 2018


             "As you are well aware we have been swamped for over a year and haven’t been able to get caught up.  The hard work and determination that BAC/BAF has provided has helped us maintain power to natural disaster areas.
The main frames are very critical to us, without them we cannot produce the final product.
Les has gone above and beyond to help.  He has helped me increase order quantities for open purchase orders, as well as helping us receive a partial shipment for the 280C.
Thank you for all the hard work,  Lug-All has been able to keep the power companies up and running, hopefully mother nature is a little kinder during hurricane season."

Keep up the excellent work!
BRIDGETTE BENNER | Purchasing Manager
Lug-All | Birdsboro, PA


  August 2, 2018

           "Before I fade off into the sunset (hopefully on a golf course), I’ll share my impressions of Boose as a supplier.  Everyone I’ve ever dealt with there (primarily Don Beard, then Dale Sweigert) have impressed me as forthright, responsive, knowledgeable and cooperative, and the patterns and castings you’ve produced for us over the 30+ years I’ve been at Seiler have served their purposes well.  Bottom line, in terms of quality, price, delivery and customer service combined, I consider Boose to be the best aluminum sand foundry we’ve found for castings produced to military drawings and specifications."

 Best regards,
John LaRosa
Seiler Instrument & Manufacturing Co., Inc.

  May 18, 2018

         "I put you in a really tough spot, and you guys obviously hustled to turn this block around in such a short time.
 I’m so impressed with how quickly this was done, and how responsive everyone has been. You’ve honestly bailed me out of a tight jam, and I sincerely   appreciate it.
 Thanks again!"

Pete Lessik
Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Hydrogen Energy Systems


  June 13, 2017

         "I would like to talk a moment to thank Boose for taking the time to support Small women owned businesses.
 Their team indentified the part and gave us pricing that helped us get the edge and to win 2 government contracts. All the work was done from a drawing.
 Thanks again for supporting Aero Supply USA and small businesses worldwide!!
 Great Job !!!"

Joseph Hobson
Government, MRO and OEM Procurement specialist
Aero Supply USA

 May 22, 2017

        "In my almost 40 years at MMI I have never seen mitered inserts that look this good, from the castings overall appearance to the non- existance of tearing in the serrations from what we always called "gummy" material! Just wanted to give you guys some feedback. We appreciate all of   the hard work and the results are great! Thanks again."

 Randy Doolittle
 Product Quality Manager


 November 08, 2016

       "Hope all is well with you today !   I wanted to Thank You for your time and tour at your Lebanon facility.   I greatly appreciated the   time you spent showing me around and learning all I could about Boose Aluminum.   I am really glad I was able to squeeze it into my trip and both meet you and see your operation.  I hope to again get down your way and see your Reamstown facility as well, after hearing how much you spoke about it.
       Trips like this are very beneficial to me, I like placing a face with whom we are doing business with, and also see how you do everything.    Everything on my end with Boose goes smooth from order placement to receipt of goods.  I am sorry that I did not have any complaints or issues for you, but that is how we all like to keep it !
        It was a pleasure to meet you and again, I greatly enjoyed my time there and learned a lot.  If anything new comes up on our end, I will surely let you and Ralph know to see if you can produce for us.   Thank you again Joe and have a great Thanksgiving Holiday !"

 Best Regards,
 Darren Bassler
 Purchasing Manager
 Hannay Reels Inc.

 October 11, 2016

       "Boose Aluminum prepared a specialty cast block for me in October of 2016.  Boose, and particularly Ed Weir, worked closely with me in determining the dimensions and requirements that would make this job successful.  After some delays on our side with shipping, Boose turned this block around incredibly quickly.  I was kept up to date with pictures and videos multiple times per day.  The project has been behind schedule because of some early troubles with other vendors, but Boose was able to do their part quicker than expected helping us to get back on track."


 Brian Raspino
 Air Products – Project Manager


 August 25, 2016

        "I was just informed that the makeup order of castings I placed on 8/5 has already been received.
Wow, that was less than 2 weeks... Outstanding.
Once again, we really appreciate the work your team has done to get us re-supplied and back running.
We will of course try to keep these type of requests to a minimum but it’s nice to know that when possible, you are there to support us.
Please thank all that were involved in this project for us.
Have a great day.


 My Best,
 Robert Dobbins
 App Engineering/Sales
 Accudynamics, LLC.


 February 5, 2016

        "I just wanted to compliment your team on excellent work!  We have an opportunity to print and pour (3) more impellers and (3) more contravane jobs, but I wanted to open up discussion to make sure this work is a good fit and you’re as happy as we are.  The impeller (fan) could turn into a production job and be tooled, but you would have to be a direct  supplier to the customer, and I don’t know if that’s worth the hassle for one job.
They also want to have x-ray quoted on the next parts, but I keep reminding them the castings are AS-IS and they have to buy them even if there is a defect and pay for the 3D Mold. 
I just wanted to let you know you’re doing very good and wanted to see how we should move forward.  Let me know any thoughts or opinions."

 Humtown Products


 August 18, 2015
        "I want to thank you and your team at Boose for going above and beyond in getting us these parts earlier than we expected. We appreciate all your hard work and helping us to get parts in front of a new customer sooner than anticipated.  Keep up the great work and thank you!"

 Best regards,
 Joe Papotto
 Applications Engineer


 February 25, 2015

       "Our Company takes great pride in offering our customers domestically produced products of the highest quality.  Boose understands this mission and has proven they can meet our specific requirements time and time again. In addition to delivering quality parts, the recent transition into production with synthetic olivine sand has greatly improved the surface finish. This has dramatically reduced our cost per unit as we can now send our parts directly to plating without the need for pre-polish or other secondary processes before finishing."

 Ian Collings
 Co-Founder & Design Director
 Fort Standard LLC

 October 14, 2014

        "Seeing our parts in production at your Cornwall plant this afternoon has given me even greater confidence with respect to the launching our new line.  Given Boose’s excellent management and production process, combined with your competitive pricing, I can’t understand why anyone would produce off shore.

I am very pleased and proud to be working with all of you."

 John Luttmann

 July 28, 2014

      "I wanted to take a minute and send an email thanking everyone at Boose for helping Spring City with the new Line One LED System.
In an unprecedented amount of time, we were able to see our new product in a high quality finished casting that we were able to show this week to our customers.   That is a huge deal for us.  And on top of that, the process has left us with usable tooling to get a small beginning run of castings while we work on creating high production tooling, so Spring City will be able to confidently begin selling this new product immediately after its initial showing.
I also wanted to say thank you for the clamp castings.  Boose Aluminum went above and beyond with this.  Then to have them hand delivered so I could immediately begin machining them.
Everyone here at Spring City, especially Dan and myself, really appreciate all the hard work that everyone at Boose Aluminum has put into this project to make it happen in record time."

 Thank You!
 Bryan Rash - Design Engineer

 NOVEMBER 11, 2013

        "We just received the 1000 size blower castings. We all were impressed with the quality (I remember you saying they would be better than the sample I brought during my visit). We also noted the packaging was done very well.

I would like you and your associates to know that we feel very highly of your operation, quality of goods, fair pricing and excellent communication services. We look forward to a long and good relationship!"

 Best regards,
 Rich Segermark

JULY 12, 2013

      "For the most recent quarter your on time delivery rating was 100% for my orders. This level of performance is greatly appreciated & helps us provide the best delivery performance possible to our customers. Please continue to strive for this level of performance & be sure to let me know if there is anything I can do from my end that would assist you in maintaining this standard. Thank you for your solid support!"

 Brad Leise
 Purchasing Agent

 FEBRUARY 15, 2013

      "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team on a very successful Oil Pan pre-production run.  I can honestly say  that this is the most problem free start that I have been associated with.

 Please take the time to thank all of your team on behalf of myself and our manufacturing team, especially those employees who are on  the casting line for a job well done! It is very evident that your systems and procedures align with a World Class manufacturing organization.

 We look forward to working with BOOSE Aluminum Foundry on this project and future projects."

 Bruce Stephens
 Director of Operations

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