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Industry-leading Performance Racing Aluminum Castings

The most competitive environments demand the highest quality parts. Winners choose BOOSE Aluminum.

Success in performance racing depends on precision. The highest quality sand castings for your engine blocks, heads, and more need to be as perfect as every other element of the vehicle.

Expertise and quality are critical. BOOSE Aluminum’s quality control is incorporated into every phase of the production process to ensure that all castings meet the exact specifications for their applications. Our commitment to quality control is your assurance of quality products. All parts are inspected prior to moving on to machining, and if there are any major flaws that would affect the performance of the vehicle, a part will be rejected, melted down, and recycled.

BOOSE Aluminum is one of the most trusted aluminum sand casting partners in the business of high-performance racing, and has routinely made parts for championship race cars.

For high-performance racing parts, trust BOOSE Aluminum for both quality and precision. Request a quote today by contacting us at (717) 336-5581,, or submitting our RFQ form.

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